The January 2023 Issue of Photoshop User Magazine Is Now Live!

The latest issue of Photoshop User magazine is always available to read with a free KelbyOne membership. Plus and Pro members have access to more than 100 back issues! Click here to join today to start learning from some of the top instructors in the Photoshop, Lightroom, and photography industry.

In this issue, when dodging and burning is done right in Photoshop, it can open a galaxy of possibilities in your images; plus join us on an exploration mission of Adaptive presets in Lightroom Classic; wrap text into a cylindrical shape using the new Cylinder Warp preset in Photoshop; retouching teeth, hair, and eyes in Lightroom; create custom distortion effects using filters in Photoshop; and so much more!

This issue’s cover image by KelbyOne member Liesl Walsh


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