Photomatix Essentials 4 Graphic and Compositing Design Assistant

The Iconfactory and Artis Software developed the first version of xScope for the purpose of designing layouts and measuring or inspecting onscreen graphics. This simple tool had only Ruler, Guide, Frame, and Screen modules that worked across all applications. Now there's xScope 4, which truly enables a fluid workflow.

Sharing your work on Dribble is as easy as selecting the predefined Dribble Uploads Screen size from the Preferences panel. Mirror lets you show Retina comps the easy way: Just drop a PSD file onto the xScope 4 Dock icon and the comp will be sent to the iOS device every time you save.

Mirror also has the following new features: Templates automatically generate views of an app icon or wallpaper for different scenarios in iOS. It comes with AirPlay Mirroring, meaning any file, clipboard, or Photoshop document can be displayed on Apple TV. To prevent updates to a Photoshop document you're working on, it can be locked to the iOS display when you switch to a new PSD file. xScope saves mirroring mode across launches and automatically reconnects to Photoshop when it's turned on so you can immediately pick up where you left off. In Mirroring mode, you can also display file contents and the image clipboard. xScope now also supports Acorn files.

Web designers will love the xScope 4 features, too. For instance, Text shows the measurement of character glyphs when you hover over the glyph; Overlay makes prototyping Photoshop mockups for Web design extremely simple, with grids that change your browser to a set breakpoint; and Loupe lets you sample and save colors to Adobe (ACO) files for use with Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.

If your design involves exact positioning of elements, or you want a tool to try out different designs across creative applications, then xScope 4 is indispensable.

Company: The Iconfactory
Price: $49.99 (Upgrade: $24.99)
Rating: 5
Hot: Enables better design/compositing; beautiful, efficient interface


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