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The Kelby network is a collection of websites with content supplied by Scott Kelby, Matt Kloskowski, Corey Barker, RC Concepcion and many more authors. The sites offer a surplus of Photoshop and photography training. If you have a question about Photoshop or photography, or you are looking for inspiration, or to learn a new technique, chances are you can find something on the Kelby network that will help you.

Here is a small sampling of the resources:

Kelby TV

Photoshop User TV episode 316 Includes a tutorial about the mixer brush, how to do photo retouching with the path tool and Color Efex Pro 4, plus a step-by-step composite design that uses layer masks, gradients, layer styles and text elements.


Shooting NFL with the Nikon D600 Scott Kelby takes the new 24-megapixel Nikon D600 to shoot on the sidelines of an NFL game (Lions v Titans) and gives readers his critique of the new camera.


A Picture Worth 1000 Words A Photoshop design tutorial that shows readers how to take a portrait and replace the person's image with text.

Planet Photoshop

Replacing Color in Photoshop See how easy it is to swap one color for another with Photoshop's Replace Color adjustment.

Lightroom Killer Tips

Installing Presets A video from Matt Kloskowski on how to install and organize presets in Lightroom.

Photoshop User

Photoshop Quick Selections RC talks about the benefits of making selections with the Quick Selection tool instead of the Magic Wand tool. (must be a NAPP member to view this content)


Shooting Fall Landscapes Outdoor photographer Moose Peterson shot this course in the Sierra mountains. He gives tips on camera gear, camera settings and shooting strategies as well as post-processing tips to make your outdoor photographs look better than ever before. (must be a KelbyTraining subscriber to watch the course)


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