Photoshop Elements for Mac

Well the wait is finally over…sort of. For you Elements users out there. Photoshop Elements 6 for the Mac was announced yesterday. This is big news because there was no Elements 5 for the Mac, but Adobe came through and has given it back to the Mac people. I guess I am getting too theatrical. Anyway, it isn’t shipping yet. In fact, it isn’t going to be available until March but we can at least put to rest any speculation as to whether there was going to be one. You can find out more on Adobe’s website. Also I produced a little tutorial over at the Elements User website. Just a quick preview of this new version on the Mac.



  1. Patti 4 April, 2008 at 15:07 Reply

    I have Photoshop Elements 2 on my computer. But recently, I had to take my computer in for service. I saved my Photoshop Elements on an extra hard drive then put it back when my computer was fixed. Presently I can’t use Photoshop. I get a popup that tells me I need to upgrade my Adobe access. I have tried finding the right place on the internet to gain access to the place where I can download what I need but have no luck. If you can help me find the place to upgrade my Adobe access to Photoshop Elements 2 for OS Max 10.2.3, I would truly appreciate your doing this

  2. mary 4 May, 2008 at 07:34 Reply

    I recently purchased a Mac and then Elements 6 for Mac and I noticed there are not the same amount of items in the filters selections, will they be adding all the rest or can we get upgrades for this. I have been using Ele 6 on my windows lap top and find a lot missing with the mac version. No artistic filters or lighting filters etc. Can you tell me why these were not added?
    Thank you, Mary

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