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I know this is a Photoshop site but some have been asking me where they might be able to see some of my Illustrator tutorials. Well, I do have an Illustrator Down & Dirty class on the Kelby Online Training site, but if you want to see some free Illustrator tutorials they can be found on the Layers Magazine website. Here is the link to my tutorials and click here for other great Illustrator tutorials also on the Layers site. While you are there, in case you haven’t seen it yet, check out the current episode of Layers TV. We had special guest Christy Winter come on and break down how she went about creating the Blazing Hot Tips cover design. She briefly touches on the early concept drawing of the idea and bringing it from sketch to screen. Really cool stuff. Here’s the link.



  1. mazhar 13 June, 2008 at 00:58 Reply

    Just about every image that is brought into Photoshop, whether from a scanner, digital camera, CD-ROM, etc., needs to be sharpened. The undisputed tool for this task is Photoshop’s Unsharp Mask filter. The only downside of using this filter is that getting the level of sharpening you’d like can sometimes cause color shifts and halos, and it can also accentuate dust or specs within the image. There are two ways around this, and what’s great about these methods is they let you apply a higher level of sharpening without causing color shifts or other problems: (1) Convert your file from RGB mode to Lab Color

  2. Ryan J 16 June, 2008 at 16:57 Reply

    Big fan of Layers TV and the mag. I know this back-commenting on older posts probably just sets me up for a “got lost in the bowels of the internet” kind of response, but I wanted to ask if you can recommend a resource for someone that’s “fresh” to Illustrator. I’ve got some Photoshop experience, but have never ventured into Illustrator until now.

    I’m a Kelby Training supporter, but I’m not sure the Down and Dirty was designed to be what I’m looking for. I need a basics course.

    Any suggestions?


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