Quick Tips

Determining The Motion Angle In Smart Sharpen

Here's a tip I picked up from our buddy and NAPP Help Desk Director Peter Bauer. In Smart Sharpen (under Filter, choose Sharpen), there's a special form of sharpening that removes visible motion blur. This sharpening is called (are you ready for this?) Motion Blur sharpening, and you choose it from the Remove pop-up menu in the Smart Sharpen dialog. But here's the catchâ”you have to be able to determine the angle of the blur for Smart Sharpen to remove it. So, that's where Pete's tip comes in. You grab the Measure tool (nested under the Eyedropper tool in the Toolbox), and drag it along the angle of the blur. Then, look in the Options Bar and you'll see the angle degree listed after the letter A. That's the number you enter in the Motion Blur Angle field within Smart Sharpen. Very clever, Mr. Bauer.