Get a Powerful Start with the Ultimate Photography Bundle

This opportunity shouldn’t be overlooked! Whether you are a new photographer or have been involved in photography for years, this bundle provides something for everyone at every level. Upgrade your skillset from experienced photographers and master editing techniques using $1000+ worth of materials: renowned courses, software assets, and creative content to achieve stunning results.

Ultimate Photography Bundle for New Users (includes Luminar Neo lifetime license)

Ultimate Photography Bundle for those who already own Luminar Neo

Educational courses

Broaden your photography editing expertise with high caliber courses from renowned photographers. With this selection, you can be sure to find the right combination of landscape, portrait and drone lessons for amateurs or professionals alike.

  • Full Editing Course on landscape photography from Albert Dros
    Professional photographer Albert Dros — whose work has graced some of the world’s biggest brands — reveals his editing secrets and teaches you how best to capture that perfect outdoor moment, whether on location or in post-production. Delve into exposure blending, focus stacking, noise reduction and much more – equipping yourself with all the tools necessary for beautiful landscapes every time.
  • Portrait Fundamentals from Darlene Hildebrandt
    From camera basics right through to using multiple flash rigs on location, this comprehensive guide will teach the fundamentals of radiant light capturing so that each shot can be as flattering as possible with stunning results! Perfect for experienced photographers or complete beginners – hone in those vital techniques and become an expert at lighting portraits.
  • Drone Cinematography Crash Course from Stewart and Alina Carrol
    Learn the ins and outs of drone cinematography – look no further than Stewart & Alina Carroll, a husband-wife filmmaking team since 2012. Take their intensive 100-minute crash course filmed in Scotland’s breathtaking Highlands. In this class you’ll gain insights on how to fly like a pro with any drone, adjust settings for stunning footage, use 5 steps for cinematic results every time plus tips and tricks specifically designed to help develop creative approaches – all presented during 3 live flight adventures.

Creative content

Try a professional style on your photos with collections of creative content from real pros.

  • With selection of LUTs and Skies by Mathew Browne, you can enhance your photos to tell more powerful stories. Each item is optimized for Luminar, Photoshop, or Lightroom so that achieving picture-perfect shots becomes even more convenient. Leverage 24 nature inspired LUTs plus 8k footages perfect as background skies – now’s the time to make an impression with every snap.
  • Looking for an exquisite touch to add vibrancy and beauty to your photographs? Rene Ledrado’s captivating collections might help you – 25 Northern European skies in 8K resolution, plus 12 Classic B&W presets with timeless elegance! Transform any image into a memorable masterpiece.

Furthermore build up an impressive arsenal of tools such as 125 LUTs, Skies Presets and Overlays from Luminar team members. You can experiment with them within Luminar, in Photoshop or Lightroom). Learn how to apply assets and more from “Image Editing with Luminar Neo: A Complete Guide”: well-structured content, easy-to-follow instructions, and step-by-step workshops, practical and inspiring. The eBook is designed for both macOS and Windows users and comes with a folder containing 62 image files for practice.

The Ultimate Photography Bundle is truly a one of a kind package, available to photographers of all levels. With access to courses taught by world-renowned photographers, an array of creative content from real pros, and an assortment of tools from the Luminar team, you can be sure to expand your knowledge base and perfect your craft quickly and easily. 

Don’t miss out on the chance to unlock the offer – take control of your photos today. Discover the Ultimate Photography Bundle and upgrade your skills.

Ultimate Photography Bundle for New Users (includes Luminar Neo lifetime license)

Ultimate Photography Bundle for those who already own Luminar Neo


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