Announcing The Best of The Digital Photography Book Series from Scott Kelby!

Check out this quick video where Scott Kelby tells you all about his NEW book, The Best of the Digital Photography Book Series.

Scott, the #1 top-selling author of photography techniques books for the past five years straight, has hand-picked nothing but the best, most helpful, most “oh, so that’s how you do it” techniques from his ground-breaking The Digital Photography Book series and compiled them into this “greatest hits collection.”

This series of books is the all-time best-selling series on digital photography in history and that’s because Scott has a gift for making the hard stuff simple; for making you totally “get” techniques that you thought were beyond your reach; and for telling you, just like he’d tell a friend, exactly which button to push, which settings to use, and what to do when so you start creating the type of images you’ve always dreamed ofâ”the type of images you know are inside you, if you only knew the secrets (and that’s exactly what you’re about to learn).

This series has resonated with photographers all over the world (it has been translated into just about every language you can think of), because this isn’t a book of theory, full of confusing jargon and detailed concepts. This is a book that just tells you, flat out, exactly what you need to know. It’s a “show me how to do it” book rather than a “tell me all about it” book, and what you’re holding in your hands right now is his hand-selected “best of the best” (compiled from all five volumes in the series), all updated with the latest info, and just one single thought, one single technique, and one simple idea per page.

BONUS CHAPTER! As a special bonus, Scott added a brand new chapter just for people moving from cell phone cameras to their first DSLR (this answers so many questions for new photographers).

With over 200 of the most popular photographic “tricks of the trade,” the entire book is designed, from the ground up, to get you shooting like a pro right away. There’s no other book like it, and you’re gonna love it!

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