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Real Steel Text Effect

This week Corey goes Hollywood again using 3D in Photoshop to re-create the effect from the movie Real Steel.

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  2. Cory,
    How do you get wood grain texture to line up vertically on a 3d rectangle? I’m trying to create a 3d old time detonator box but the wood grain textures do not line up parallel on all 4 sides. Two sides the wood texture runs vertical and on the other two sides they run horizontal. Thanks for your continued help.


  3. Great tutorial Corey, I was thinking though it would be nice to see a final version of these (text) effects you do in a final jpg format since the screen is pretty small as is and its hard to really notice it.

  4. Nice tut Corey.

    However my experience in 3D has not been that great in CS5 due to being so unstable and yes I also learnt the hard way to save every 5 mins πŸ™‚

    Very excited about 3D but frustrated in PS CS5 I now use a full blown 3D application as part of my workflow. A bit more money and a bit more of a learning curve but way worth it.

    Once I knew my way around the 3D app I then realised how poorly 3D is implemented in PS.
    It should IMHO be a lot more intuitive and not so many odd behaviours and LOT MORE STABLE.

    But I suppose I have PS CS5 to thank as it got me into 3D πŸ™‚

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