Photoshop Painting Webinar for NAPP Members!

Join digital painter Fay Sirkis as she hosts a NAPP member exclusive webinar called Painting with your Camera on November 14, 2011. From capture to output, discover the magic of transforming your photographs into paintings, using the power of the Adobe Photoshop CS5 Brush Engine.

Using Photoshop's Mixer Brushes, Bristle Brushes, Wet Brushes, and other new features in CS5 (plus some existing tools from previous versions), Fay will show you how to create amazing masterpieces. Be it a watercolor or oil, the styles that you can replicate with the painting tools in Photoshop are exciting and amazing! Plus, you'll make colors sing with Fay's special recipe using the power of the new HDR toning palette to create amazing contemporary effects.

You'll take your photography talents to a new level and learn how to use your camera as a "sketch pad" to transform every pixel into an artistic brushstroke, and discover how to look through your camera lens and see a painting.

This webinar is exclusively for NAPP members! If you are not a NAPP member then go here to find out more.


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