Want a cool tint formula for a black and white? First, when you’re in Camera Raw, go to the HSL/Grayscale tab and turn on the Convert to Grayscale checkbox. Then, go to the next panel to the right (Split Toning) and use this formula:
Highlights: Hue=37, Saturation=24
Shadows: Hue=40, Saturation=26

Go ahead and try it. It works especially well on urban still life photos. I can’t explain it, but it just looks cool.


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  1. Michael Harris 4 January, 2010 at 21:38 Reply

    I took this tinting tip and yeah it works great, However I added a bit to it and got some good results.

    After you tint as above go to the adjustment brush. In the color picker choose the same formula 40 Hue and 26 Saturation. Lower the brightness and paint over the whole image with full flow etc.
    Then click on the “Erase ” option and with a lighter flow and erase over the point of interest.
    Adjust the saturation in the Split toning Shadows and you get a nice balanced vignette with the same tones.

    Hope I explained this correctly.

    And thanks for the Tips and tuts.

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