ColorVision’s Spyder2PRO hardware/software combination for monitor calibration and profiling is an excellent choice for generating consistent, accurate color. ColorVision claims that the Spyder2PRO’s new sensors provide five times more color sensitivity. It supports CRTs, LCDs, and digital projector calibration. The three-legged silver and black Spyder attaches to CRTs via suction cups and uses a snap-on felt pad baffle adapter for measuring LCDs. The USB connector has a counterweight that slides along the cord to balance the colorimeter on your screen.


First, stabilize your display by letting it warm up for at least 30 minutes before using the software. Then minimize ambient light, as the Spyder can integrate ambient light readings into your calibration and it should only read light from your monitor. The software’s interface is well designed with clear instructions and an in-depth educational help section for each step.

During calibration you’re asked to adjust contrast, color balance, and brightness; however, many LCDs only have access to a backlight control. Just follow instructions for available adjustments. The Wizard suggests leaving the rest of the settings at the manufacturer’s default.

Next, the sensor reads a series of values and creates an ICC profile. To evaluate your results, a reference image is displayed that lets you see a comparison of pre-and post-calibration. ColorVision includes a Curves tool for post-calibration tweaking. When finished, you can name and save the profile.

To check out my new ICC monitor profile, I printed a standard reference chart, which includes color and grayscale patches, skin tones, and a range of images. The results were spot-on accurate colors, flesh tones, and neutral tone areas, free of colorcasts. The Spyder2PRO is an excellent user-friendly solution for reliable display calibration.

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