Scott Kelby’s Holiday Gear Guide

Is it really that time of year already? The holidays are upon us and Scott Kelby has put together his 5th Annual Holiday Gear Guide. If you have never seen it before it is a collection of photography and Photoshop related products that we use every day that would great gifts. Scott makes sure not to suggest a product he or any of us would ever use so you can rest assured that these are the best products out there. Also geared to fit any budget with products ranging from $30 to $800, it is a great resource to find ideas for that special someone or perhaps to add your own wish list. Click here to check out what Scott has picked out for this year. Also this gift guide is also featured in the latest issue of Photoshop User magazine. Check it out and happy shopping!


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  1. Photography Art Cafe 18 November, 2010 at 06:27 Reply

    Thankyou so much for this link. The suspension rail for hanging photos is awesome – I’m so getting one for my flat! I have so many shots that I like but don’t know what to do with. It looks like a rail for hanging photos in a darkroom which is really cool. I’m going to my favourite recent shots on it. The rainsleeve thing looks incredibly helpful too. Excellent suggestions all round!

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