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New Exclusive Planet Photoshop Tutorial
This week I have a new tutorial that is based on one of the early teaser posters for the new movie TRON which opens in just a couple months. I was very intrigued when I first saw some of the graphics because if there is any movie that can stand a modern redo it’s this one. With that, I have here what I am sure is the first of many tutorials inspired by this movie. Enjoy!

Kelby Training iPad App Update
Today on Scott Kelby’s blog there’s an update concerning the new Kelby Online Training iPad App which is in development. The interface is coming along very nicely and hopes to be released sometime next month. If you are a Kelby Online Training subscriber this is going to give you the mobility to watch online training anywhere, anytime on your iPad. Click here to read the full update.

Adobe Discounts for NAPP Members
Adobe has renewed its 15% discounts for all Adobe products through to next year. Yet another reason to get a NAPP membership today if you haven’t already! In fact, most members agree that the discounts alone are worth the price of the membership. Not to mention the insane amount of Photoshop knowledge that is at your disposal. Click here to find out more.

Down & Dirty Seminar Coming to Livonia, MI
My second to last seminar stop for the year will be in Livonia, MI on Friday, November 12, 2010. I will be presenting the Photoshop Down & Dirty Tricks tour where we will explore numerous techniques for creating eye-popping effects used by graphic artist and photographers everywhere. You can find out more and register online by clicking here.



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