Photoshop Guys on Photoshop CS4

So a lot of people are still reluctant to upgrade to Photoshop CS4 and I am sure that everyone has their reasons. For some it seems that we only just got CS3. For others there just aren’t sure if there is anything even in CS4 that is worth the upgrade. Sure these are tough economic times and I am sure that plays a heavy part in many people’s decision, but it seems the real issue is whether the new features in CS4 are worth it. That’s where the Photoshop Guys come in. Scott Kelby, Matt Kloskowski, and Dave Cross have produced a special four part video series discussing what’s new in Photoshop CS4 and why it might be worth the upgrade. This is a good chance to get varying perspectives on the subject and help you make a more informed decision. Part one is up now (Here’s the link.) The remaining parts will be posted over the next few days so keep checking back.


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  1. Corvin 14 January, 2009 at 07:27 Reply

    I think, I’ll wait till CS5. OK, there are some nice new features in CS4, but especially in Photoshop are only few of them, who I really missed. I think I can be patient till 2010, and maybe until then Adobe has reasonable prices in europe, again. It’s so ultra expensive here.

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