Photo Walk is here!!!

That’s right!!! The time has come for Scott Kelby’s Second Annual Photo Walk sponsored by Kelby Training. This has probably got to be one of the biggest photography events in history. Right now there are over 30,000 people signed up around the world. That’s almost three times what it was last year. If you are going, you will want to check out Scott’s blog today as he has some last minute thoughts before you head out to your walk. You can also get some last minutes tips at the photo walk website where there is a blog hosted by our very own Brad Moore.

I will be going to Matt Kloskowski’s walk here in Safety Harbor, FL. It’s right at the tip of the bay here in Tampa. So we might be able to get in some waterfront shots. I am just bringing my D40. It really does give me some great shots. It’s going to be fun! If I get any really outstanding shots I will post them here on the blog next week. Good luck and happy shooting!!!


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