Outrageous 3D is Live!!!

My newest and most highly anticipated online course: Outrageous 3D with Photoshop CS4 Extended is now live at the Kelby Online Training site. This course takes an extreme approach to 3D in Photoshop by demonstrating some of the most outside-of-the-box techniques around. As a designer, I'm always striving to take advantage of all tools available in Photoshop. With the addition of 3D in Photoshop Extended, there's a whole new world of untapped possibilities. The best part is you don’t have to be a 3D expert to use the tools effectively. The course takes you through the basics of 3D in Photoshop and then moves into more advanced techniques as the course progresses. By the end, you'll have the know-how to implement eye-popping 3D into your work immediately like in the graphic above. Find out more about the course by visiting the Kelby Training site. Have Fun, Be Creative!



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