On My Way to the Big Apple!

Well I just wanted to get a quick post in before I head out to the airport. I’m on my way to New York. Scott, Matt, RC, and I will be teaching at B&H Photo over the next few days in their new event space. I am especially excited because it has been almost 13 years since I was last in New York city. Obviously, a lot has changed there in recent years and it will be an exciting and emotional experience to be sure. Anyway, I will be posting updates of the event throughout the week so stay tuned. Have a good Monday.

Oh, and one quick thing. Those of you who watch my tutorials know that I am big movie fan. Well I saw Iron Man this weekend and I have to say it was certainly one of the coolest movies I have seen this year. For those who enjoy good action and awesome visual effects. This one is for you. Don’t miss it.



  1. Doug Zeliff 6 May, 2008 at 10:12 Reply

    I enjoyed Iron Man as well when I saw it in Digital. This looks to be a good movie month with Speed Racer, Prince Caspian and then Indiana Jones at the end of the month(another spectacular looking movie. Enjoy NY.

  2. Lavonne Hall 6 May, 2008 at 22:19 Reply

    Hey Corey,

    As many times as NAPP has been in NY, how come it’s taken you so long to come back? Any familiar places? Anything you’ve enjoyed so far (besides B&H)? Looking forward to your class at B&H.

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