Off to Orlando for Photoshop World!!

This is perhaps one of the coolest part of my job! I am off this week to Orlando for Photoshop World. I am so psyched. I so love going to Photoshop World.Even before working at NAPP I had attended at least 6 Photoshop Worlds. If you are attending I can’t wait to share the joy in this Photoshop love fest. Yes, it’s a bit nerdy but who cares! You will still meet some of the coolest people around. Not to mentions all the cool class sessions. I am already marking down which ones I will be attending. Yes, instructors do attend classes as well. We are all learning and sharing. Of course I am always excited about Midnight Madness. It’s just 2 hours of crazy games and giveaways. This is a great time to be had and you don’t want to miss. Oh and don’t forget the Tech Expo will be open to the public on Thursday, March 25 and Friday, March 26. you can get you free by going here. Come check it out. It’s really cool! Be sure to come up and say Hi!!


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