Newest NAPP Member Perk | Spot The Fake!!

As if there weren’t good enough reasons to join the NAPP, here’s is something else. Each month, over at the NAPP member site, members will be able to access a select course from Kelby Training totally free. One whole course that you can access at any time, at your own pace during the allotted time. This month members can view a new course from Vincent Versace: Lighting On A Laptop. Again this perk is only available to NAPP members. So if you are not a NAPP member yet, go here.

Scott Kelby had this really interesting link on his blog today. It is a site put up by Autodesk, who produce 3D software like Mudbox and AutoCAD, and it presents you a number of images and challenges you to distinguish what is real or what is fake or rather what is computer generated. I took the challenge myself and got 8 out of 10. Not too bad, but I am little disappointed in myself. Give it a try yourself and see how well trained your eyes are. Just don’t let your boss catch you wasting time!! Here’s the link.



  1. David Wood 23 April, 2009 at 18:45 Reply

    I got 10 out of 10 the first time! But in the bonus round I only got 2 out of 4 🙁 . Oh well. Fun challenge!

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