New Photoshop Tablet Apps!

In case you haven’t heard, Adobe has announced some new apps for the iPad that you can connect to Photoshop on your computer and drive certain features right from the tablet to Photoshop. The apps themselves are pretty basic but what they do well is demonstrate this new technology that does seem have some real potential. The apps are called Adobe Nav, Color Lava, and Eazel.

Adobe Nav let’s gives you access to your toolbar and call up any open documents on your computer literally at your fingertips.

Color Lava gives you that tactile experience of mixing colors right on the tablet. You can generate several a custom swatch sets and send it over to Photoshop in seconds.

Eazel (Pictured here) is basically a finger painting app that puts all relevant tools right on your fingertips. Simply place all five fingers on the screen and a tool or option pops out. Choose a feature to adjust an away you go. You can even send your sketch over to Photoshop as a layered document.

You can see me demonstrate these apps over at the NAPP mini learning center. Click here to see this impressive new technology in action.

Now these apps alone will not work with Photoshop. You will also need to update Photoshop so that it will have the remote capabilities to connect to the apps through your local network. These apps should be available soon. Be sure to go to the Adobe mobile site for more information and to be notified when they are available.



  1. Kevin 20 June, 2011 at 04:19 Reply

    That is going to be awesome to have software like PSD on my ipad at anytime…Thanks for the great news!
    Kevin Ciesielski – photoshoptutorials101.wordpress

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