Movie Font Madness | Free Logos

Ok, so I have thank my friend Christy for finding this one for me. It’s a site that has free fonts based on actual movies. The cool part is that the names of the fonts are the names of the movies they represent. For instance, the Blade Runner font is called Blade Runner Font. That makes it easy. They have a got a huge collection of popular movie fonts and also video game and music fonts as well. Go check it out yourself and have fun. Just remember to be aware of any copyright issues when using these fonts. They are meant to be for fun! Here’s the link. (I am little embarassed that I didn’t already know about this site but oh well.)

Also, here is another cool site I have used or years. It’s called Brand of the World and it provides a huge database of free vector logos of most popular brand names. Anything from fast food to commercial logos. It’s here and free!! So before you invest a lot of time in recreating a logo, give this site a try first. Remember, of course, copyright issues still apply here so be careful with what you are using these for. Here’s the link.



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