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Missing Your Background Layer? Here’s The Fix

If you’re opening new documents and they don’t have a Background layer, there’s a reason (of course there’s a reason, everything has a reason; we just happen to know what it is). The reason is that you’ve selected the Transparent option in the New document dialog. That seems like a reasonable thing to do; everybody wants transparency, right? However, what it tells Photoshop is “Don’t worry about creating a Background layer.” To get Background layers again, the next time you’re in the New dialog, under Background Contents, make sure you choose White, and from then on, you’ll have Background layers in your documents.



  1. Melodi 18 August, 2012 at 10:30 Reply

    My problem is a little different. When I open a new photo, the layer shows up with the paintbrush icon and not the image. (This happened after a friend was playing around in photoshop 🙂 ) I can’t seem to find how to get back to opening just a simple image as the background layer. Thanks a ton for any help.

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