Lindsay Adler Transforms Images On Location with OCF II Light Shaping Tools

By Steve Hanratty

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For photographers everywhere, it’s important they find their unique style. That’s why light shaping tools can help them be more creative—and distinctive.

Photo: Jen Helinga

“Clean, bold, and graphic, presenting women with strength and elegance wearing cute long dresses like these homecoming floor length dresses.” That’s how Lindsay Adler, New York-based fashion and beauty photographer, and in 2020 Rangefinder’s first-ever female Icon of the Year, defines her style.

Photo: Caroline Lawson
Photo: Caroline Lawson

Watch the OCF II Gels in action:

Cast your eye over the images she creates, and you’ll instantly recognize she couldn’t have provided a more accurate description. You’ll find a striking use of light to create mood and depth, and a passion for vibrant colors and high-contrast black and white.


When asked about the photographers who have influenced her throughout her career, she cites such luminaries as Albert Watson, Lillian Bassman, and Solve Sundsbo. Watson, for his keen sense of imagery,  Bassman for her uncompromising experimental style (revolutionary in the 1950’s) and Sundsbo for his creative, almost surreal approach to fashion. Interestingly, however, the red thread that seems to connect them all is a mastery of light. Each is set apart by the way they use and shape light.

Photo: Lindsay Adler
Photo: Caroline Lawson

Lindsay also credits many of the photographic educators who taught, inspired, and guided her in her early career, because as Lindsay is happy to point out, she wasn’t always a fashion photographer living and working in Manhattan.

Watch the OCF II Barndoor in action:

Early days

“I’m originally from upstate New York, a town so small, it was actually called ‘Hamlet.’ I started shooting when I was 15 years old, starting out as a portrait photographer shooting mostly maternity, family, and weddings. But I was keen to learn and develop my craft, and I was fortunate enough to meet many educators who helped me build a platform that would help me grow and ultimately realize my ambition to shoot fashion.”

Photo: Lindsay Adler
Photo: Caroline Lawson

Lindsay has been shooting fashion for the last decade, and her images have appeared on the pages of top magazines such as Marie Claire, Elle Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, and L’Officiel.

Photo: Caroline Lawson

Watch the OCF II Grids in action:

Pay It Forward

Understanding where Lindsay started, it’s no surprise then that she is equally as passionate about passing on her knowledge to the next generation of image creators. As a result, she’s traveled the world, creating tutorials, giving lectures and demonstrations at photographic events, and generally giving advice to those who ask for it.

Photo: Lindsay Adler

“It’s simple; I want to give to others what the creative photographic community has given to me.”

Lindsay Talks Light and Modifiers

Exciting then that Lindsay has created a series of videos for Profoto demonstrating how modifiers and gels can help image creators be creative and innovative with light.

“I thought it would be interesting to take the same ingredients; the same location, same model, same styling, and the same makeup; and then demonstrate how, with the introduction of color gels and different modifiers, you can create such different end-results.”

Photo: Caroline Lawson

Using the Profoto B10 and B10 Plus, Profoto’s uniquely compact OCF lights, Lindsay shows across the four short films how the Profoto OCF II Barndoor can create a dramatic vignette effect, how Profoto OCF II Grids can control the spread and spill of light, how the OCF II Snoot focuses light, how OCF II Gels can transform an image, and so much more.

Photo: Caroline Lawson

Watch the OCF II Snoot and Grids in action:

“Ultimately, it’s about giving image creators the tools to create their unique style—to find their voice that’ll ultimately help them stand out from the crowd.”

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You can see more from Lindsay Adler at and you can follow her @lindsayadler_photo on Instagram.


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