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Like The Edits You Made To One Photo? Apply Them To Others

If you’ve got a number of photos open in Camera Raw, and you make some edits to one of those photos, and you think to yourself, “Hey, that doesn’t look bad,” you can quickly apply those same edits to other images. Here’s how: Once you’ve made your edits to an image, Command-click (PC: Control-click) on the photos along the left side of the dialog to which you want to apply the same edits. Then click on the Synchronize button in the top-left side of Camera Raw. This brings up a dialog with a checkbox list of all the edits you can do in Camera Raw. If you want all the changes you applied to the first image to be applied to your selected images, choose Everything from the Synchronize pop-up menu at the top of the dialog. If you only want a few edits applied, uncheck the checkboxes beside the edits you don’t want applied.


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