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How To “Unerase” in Photoshop Using the Eraser Tool

You probably already know that you can use the History Brush (Y) as an “undo” on a brush and that by default, the History Brush paints back to how your image looked when you first opened it. But did you know that the Eraser tool has a similar function? That’s right; the next time you’ve got the Eraser tool (E) active, look up in the Options Bar and you’ll see a checkbox for Erase to History. Normally, the Eraser tool erases to your Background color, but when you turn on this checkbox, it erases back to what the image looked like when you opened it.



  1. Gabe 21 August, 2012 at 00:22 Reply

    This ‘erase to history’ tip is one of the best photoshop tips i’ve read in a long time!! THANK YOU. This saved me BIG TIME 🙂

    Thank you.


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