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Got A Folder Full Of Images For The Web? Batch ‘Em!

Do you have a whole folder of images that you're going to convert to Web graphics? If the images are somewhat similar, don't do them one at a timeâ”automate the process using actions. Start by opening one image from the folder. Go to the Actions palette (under the Window menu) and click on the Create New Action button. Give this action a name (something like Optimize as JPEGs) then go about the business of optimizing this one graphic into a JPEG for the Web. When you're done optimizing it, click the Stop button at the bottom of the Actions palette. Then go under the File menu, under Automate, and choose Batch. In this dialog, under Play, choose the name of the new action you just created. Under Source, choose the folder of images you want converted using that action, and under Destination, choose what you want to happen to those images after they're converted. Click OK, and Photoshop will convert that folder with absolutely blinding speed. This one tip can really change the way you work, especially if you create for print first, then repurpose for the Web afterward.


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  1. Wakkos 7 October, 2008 at 10:56 Reply

    The problem is that photoshop has to open/close those image and the process can become too long =( but I haven’t found anything easier yet.

    I have some little tips about Batchs but in spanish =(

    Nice tip though

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