Exclusive Martini Hour Interview | Planetary PS Tip!

Hey guys!! Check my latest interview from Photoshop World. I had the honor of appearing on Deke McClelland’s Martini hour from the VIP lounge in Las Vegas with the great Bert Monroy. It was really cool. We just sat around and talked about 3D in Photoshop. It is an audio only interview but quite entertaining to listen to. Check it out here!!

Here’s another little tip for you. You know when you are in a Photoshop file and you get close to the edge of the document or the edge of another object and it snaps to that edge. This feature is helpful most of the time but there are those times when it isn’t. You could go into the View menu and turn off the Snap To feature but I like to leave it on and disable it when I need it. Simply hold down the Control key on either PC or Mac and this will temporarily disable the snapping. Then just release the key to continue.


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