Down & Dirty in Chicago | Photoshop.com Mobile

Well the Photoshop Down & Dirty tour continues with my next stop being Chicago this Friday, November 13. Come on out an join us and see what everyone is talking about as we explore some of the newest and coolest Photoshop techniques around. It’s a fun day of learning and it will recharge your creativity. There is still room but it goes fast. Click here to register.

Also Adobe has just recently released the new Photoshop.com Mobile App for the iPhone and the new Android smart phone. This is really cool because it’s give you the ability to make fast edits to your photos right in your phone. It also has a direct link to your Photoshop.com account online so you can upload and share your photos with anyone. Click here to see me demo these features on an Android smart phone. Click here to download the Photoshop.com mobile app to your iPhone, Android, or Blackberry now for free.


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