Down & Dirty Book Sold Out on Amazon!

Well after the weekend I can see that my new book Photoshop Down & Dirty Tricks for Designers has sold out over at Amazon.com. Thanks to al of those who ordered the book I really hope you enjoy it. I certainly had a fantastic time writing the book so I know you will enjoy learning from it! Now even though it may be a while until Amazon gets more we have some here in stock at KelbyTraining.com The best part about buying from Kelby Training, aside form the the fact that it is awesome, is that I will be personally signing each copy that leaves here until for the rest of the month. Don’t wait, be the first one in your office who people walk up to and say, “How did you do that?” Click here to learn more and to watch the Hollywood style video promo we put together as well. Gives you some insight as to why I wrote the book and what you can expect! Click here to see and learn more.


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