Cool NAPP Offer | Photoshop on SNL

What we do here on Planet Photoshop is merely a fraction of all the cool stuff we have going on for NAPP members. Not only do we have more tutorials, but there are product reviews and discounts, discounts on events like seminars and Photoshop World, and even other training sources like online training and DVDs. Not to mention Photoshop User magazine. All of this and so much more for only $99 a year ($179 for two years). Given these difficult times many people are looking to sharpen their skills or even learn new ones and you want to invest your money wisely. If you sign up for NAPP now you will get a free DVD: The Photoshop CS4 Power Session by Matt Kloskowski. A two-year membership will get you the new DVD by Fay Sirkis: A Celebration of Art: Paint Like Master. Click here for more information on this limited special offer.

Also over the weekend I caught a rather amusing bit on SNL about Photoshop. They cleverly call it Photo Shop with two words but I think we all get it. If you were ever a fan of the classic Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot, then you will get a good chuckle out of this. Be warned, it’s late night SNL so you never know what to expect. Here’s the link.


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