Quick Tips

Collections Are Live, Baby!

If you create a collection (let’s say it’s a collection of all photos on your hard disk that have your son’s or daughter’s name as the keyword), this collection is “live” and by that I mean that anytime you import a new photo and assign that same keyword (your son’s or daughter’s name), that photo will automatically also appear in that collection (well, technically it updates the next time you click on that collection, but that’s technical, right?). To create a collection, just do a search for the keyword you want by pressing Command-F (Control-F), enter your criteria in the Find dialog, and then once the results window appears, click on the Save As Collection button in the top-right corner. To see if your imported image appeared in your collection, click on Collections in the Favorites pane, and double-click on the collection to open it in its own window.


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