Bert Monroy’s Times Square

Just a couple weeks ago, my good friend Bert Monroy unveiled his latest digital painting at the PhotoPlus Conference in New York City. This digital painting, which is 100% illustrated from scratch using Illustrator and Photoshop, is a whopping 5 foot tall by 25 feet wide. Bert spent the better part of 4 years completing this project and contains a cumulative total of 500,000 layers with the final flattened file a staggering 6.52GB. I remember him showing me early concepts at Photoshop World a few years ago and was visiting him at his studio just a year ago and it was amazing to see the progression from idea to final project. It’s like waiting for a feature film to be produced and getting a sneak peek here and there. This is the most ambitious project that Bert has ever taken on and I am sure you will agree it is quite impressive.

What’s also very cool is that I am in the painting. Bert decided to populate the painting with family, friends, and people he has worked with throughout the years. You can see RC and I right there between Bert and Johnny L. of Adobe. Click here to go to Bert’s site and see the painting up close. See if you can find the rest of the Photoshop Guys and maybe a few other people you might recognize. Congrats to Bert for taking on such a monumental task and delivering it in a way only he can.



  1. RON 11 November, 2010 at 07:59 Reply


    He reminds me of the guy who was on the PBS channel that did the oil painting, you know the one who always had his happy little trees . I learned a lot from him in the way you layer your painting. Then comes Bert, who takes it the digital step further. But using the same principles.

    Bert if you read this, when are you going to get back to your podcast?


  2. Leroy layne 24 November, 2010 at 10:38 Reply

    I remember attending a seminar in NYC and Bert was the personn giving the seminar,and i remeber him showing us a some of teh unfinish work he was doing for Time Square… i wow liek wow……………. but now seeing teh finish product am Blow away……………….
    I will be going to Time Square soon to see his work…. i Live Half hour away…………………..

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