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Been Bingeing On RAM? Maybe It’s Time To Purge!

What do you do if the dreaded “Not enough RAM to complete this function” dialog appears? Outside of buying more RAM and installing it on the spot, you might want to purge some of the “junk” hanging around in RAM so you can free up some space to complete the project you’re working on. You do this by going under the Edit menu, under Purge, and choosing to empty your Undo, Photoshop’s Clipboard, your History States, or everything at once (All). They’re in the order you should proceed, so first try purging your Undo and see if that frees up enough memory. If that doesn’t do it, try the Clipboard, then Histories. If that doesn’t do it, try this super-slick insider tip: Make a tiny (1×1") selection within your document, and then go under the Edit menu and choose Copy three times in a row. Believe it or not, it often works, and has gotten us out of more than one sticky situation.


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