Back From Richmond | New Joe McNally Tour

I want to thank everyone who turned out for my Down & Dirty seminar in Richmond yesterday. I had a lot of fun and I hope everyone enjoyed it. We had a packed house and everyone was really getting into it. My next stop on the tour will be Toronto on June 26. You can get more info and register by going here.

BIG NEWS! Famed photographer Joe McNally has just kicked off his new seminar tour: Location Lighting Techniques. This tour will take you through the steps of going from bad light to good light with just one flash. If there is anyone on earth who can make gold out of one flash, Joe is the man. Joe’s classes at Photoshop World are almost always standing room only and everyone raves about them. Getting a full day’s photography training from Joe is like Steven Speilberg teaching you how to make a movie. Whether you are just getting started or a working professional, this tour will take your photography to the next level. Click here for tour dates and locations.


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