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Add a second stroke with Smart Objects

Here’s a cool way to be able to add more than one layer style to a layer: add a layer style and then convert the layer to a Smart Object. Then you can apply an additional layer style, giving you two strokes, for example.


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  1. DrEvil 4 May, 2010 at 11:20 Reply

    You can also get the look of multiple outlines by using the gradient part of the stoke layer style. Fun to play with.

    Oh and a nice challenge is to create an an abstract shape/background only using multiple smart objects and smart filters and layer styles ( no user placed pixels allowed )
    you can get some great furturistic looking images.
    Tip one… Polar Co-ordinates!!
    Well have fun.

    Great tuts as always Corey ” Laddy the lad from Ladland”.

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