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X-Men Logo

With the summer movie season kicking off this Friday, Corey is using a blockbuster-inspired graphic for this week’s tutorial.


23 comments on “X-Men Logo

  1. Awesome as usual!!! It never fails to impress me; just how many “creative” things you can come up with in your videos. Great job, I can’t visit your site enough to be inspired by the next “tip/trick”!!

    Thanks for everything you do. Also; for taking time out of your busy life, to inspire us all…..

  2. You never fail to amaze me! What a great career you must have – your “workroom” must be like your “playground”. Ah—–if all my days could be in the “magic land” of photoshop.

  3. you are freakin awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the whole time, i was watching the movie, i’m thinking “mmmmm, i wonder how they did this n that. ” Now I know, how to make their logo 🙂 I think I’ll try combining your “punch” tut with this one. Having Wolferine coming out of the pic, putting the XMen logo 🙂 Thanks bunches for all you funtastic tut…..very much appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. tried it out just then, pretty nice tut. I increased the contrast on the clipped metal layer instead of adding a gradient and it matches the bevel/stroke pattern alot better.

  5. I haven`t been to the website for a few weeks and upon my return I am not disappointed. Corey and co have been busy designing great tutorials again and will be keeping me busy for ages digesting all their new tips and tricks!

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  7. THis is a really big help to us..Im still a highschool student, 3rd year and our lesson is about photoshop..Now I think that I am more confident about using it because i have tricks I learned here..Thanks a lot..

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