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Using Refine Edge

Corey demonstrates how generating selections is much easier now with the new Refine Edge in Photoshop CS5.

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  1. Cory. Most excellent tool. Too bad they didn’t come out with this tool years ago I would probaly have more hair now. Things are getting easier now. Thanks for the tut

  2. I really liked when you dropped him into the new image and he was huge, this was a nice effect, he covered most of the canvas. I think this would be a nice effect, too.

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  4. This is CS5’s best improvement!

    Corey gives the best explanation and demonstration of Refine Edge magic.
    Combined with the Quick Selection tool it can now take under one minute to accomplish what used to consume hours of meticulous carpal tunnel grind work.
    Oh, the lost days. Oh, the lost days.

  5. Great tutorial! I was just wondering if you or anyone knows a way to get a picture to look like the subject did. With the background in his shades and just the overall feel of the image makes it seem as if it was taken by a professional.

  6. I love that tutorial. Now can you take the newly composited image and change the reflection in his sunglasses to be sand instead of the waves, since the ocean is behind him. Just a thought. thanks corey.

  7. I find that when a subject is against a complex background, PS (even with the new tools) still has an enormous amount of difficulty extracting a subject with hair. It seems that refine edge works best with subjects against a single color background, and if the image doesn’t have that setup, we’re still stuck using a laborious combination of selection/extraction methods.

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