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Use Layer-Based Slices

If you’re getting ready to slice an image for the Web and you still have your layers intact, don’t flatten that image before you slice. Instead, let Photoshop create the (layer-based) slices for you. There are two main advantages: (1) it’s easier. You don’t have to drag out slices—Photoshop does it automatically, perfectly slicing at the size of your layer. But even better is (2), when you create a layer-based slice, you can move the layer and (get this) Photoshop will automatically adjust all the slices to accommodate your move, and it will create a new slice for your layer as well. If you slice manually and move your layer—you’re out of luck—the old slice stays right where it was. Plus, creating a layer-based slice couldn’t be easier. Click on the layer you want to slice, then go under the Layer menu and choose New Layer Based Slice—Photoshop does the rest.

3 comments on “Use Layer-Based Slices

  1. Hey, great advice! And this really helps a lot! Only problem is that the slice is then locked to that layer, with those dimensions. What I mean by that is sometimes you may want your slice to be +10px more in height etc which this doesn’t allow.

    It is also buggy with regards to effects. Though, it will take effects into account (like drop shadows) and contract or expand as need be. Pretty genius.

    However, if I add a stoke to a layer, the slice will surround that layer by an extra pixel. Not good.

    Apart from those minor downfalls this is an absolute time saver!

    Thanks for recommending this.

  2. To simulate a padding to a layer slice, add a stroke effect of opacity 0% to the layer. Et voilà !
    I had clipping problem also. Especially when exporting small icons, all edges got to sharp.

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