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Tron Graphic Effect

This week Corey shows you how to use shape sand brush effects in Photoshop to create a cool Sci Fi effect.

30 comments on “Tron Graphic Effect

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  2. Many thanks for the tutorial Corey, I always look forward to watching them and getting some interesting and creative ideas.
    is it true that the first post always gets a free copy of Photoshop and wacom tablet ? 🙂

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  4. Wow Corey, cool tutorial!
    However, there are some things that I’d do more in a Dave Cross-kinda way, like making a Pattern adjustment layer for the grid, and using a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer to change the grid’s color…

  5. hey iam so glad about these tutorial
    but the problem that i cant see it when i i download it i download the magazine promo

  6. Zak, when using this tool you have 3 options which are available you on the top menu
    1 shape
    2 path
    3 pixel filled

    Corey chose the the path mode and then stroked it with a brush

    Hope this helps

  7. hey guys, where are you getting the “T” from, i have goggled around and all the TRON font packs i have seen are not real, and have fake t’s

    did you edit it in.. or make it yourself?

  8. ok… so when i started, what exactly are you doing to prevent the first rectangle to show up without being a shape layer?

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