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Text on a Path

In this week’s tutorial, Corey creates a logo with text arching around a center point.

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  2. Pingback: Ingenius Idiot » Blog Archive » Text on a Path | Text bTutorials/b | Planet bPhotoshop/b

  3. Thank you fot this tut but i have some problem when i click the Path selection tool (the black mouse)to drage the other word its not turn into a double arrow, why ?

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  5. Every time that I try this, the type goes inside the circle shape. I have CS3, does the type only go outside the circle if you have CS4?

  6. Hi Corey

    Your Tutorials are very good. Some videos are not working for example : Energazie that photo or sci-fi text effect.


  7. YES! By me is also the same problem like by Stefan Klein a have all the other folders but only the texture folder isn’t there can some body from you upload somewhere the texture folder and than we just and drag it to our photoshop folder xD

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  10. Once again, thank you.

    All these things look so simple, but when you don’t know how to do them, they are far from it. I’ve bookmarked your site and I’ll be back!

  11. Hi Corey,
    Thank you for a wonderful tutorial on text. I love learning psp and have been learning what I can for almost a year now. There is so much I want to learn and I am thrilled I found your site. These tutorials are a great help. I am looking forward to your next one. Thanks again!

  12. This is the best tutorial I know about “text on a path” . It goes far beyound the usual first steps and explains how you can get words righly positioned around a circle. The next step would be to type a 3 D text on a Sphere. It is relatively easy to do with a free 3D software like Google SketchUp, but it seems a lot more complicated with Photoshop. The last step would be to animate the 3D text around the sphere using Flash.

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    your videos are such high quality i think thats the best tutorial i have had
    this page is going straight to my favourites
    i think you explain it better then all my ict teachers in my entire life

    thanks again

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