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Punch Through

Corey breaks down a design technique that features something bursting out of the background and into the scene.


25 comments on “Punch Through

  1. Hey, I watch all your tutorials. I love them, you are really a great teacher. I am a 17 year old graphic artist for a marketing company. Unfortunately, I don’t get to do sweet things like this, because its not “Professional”. My boss came and found me and told me I can work from home, or I could have my own office, and I can make my own hours, and started me off with $10 an hour. Its great and all. But the stuff I do is NOT my style. I don’t know if you would actually do this, but I was wondering if you could help me out. I graduate next year, and my plan was to do some free lance stuff to help pay for college. But I have run into some obsticals. I can never find good stock images. DevArt is where I go, but there is just so much you can get there… So I was wondering if you could shoot me back an email. I have some other questions too. Thanks!

  2. Great stuff Corey as always 🙂 ! Except I can’t get the videos to go full-screen. All the other options work. Do I have to have this JW player installed on my computer?

  3. I love yout tuts!!!!!!! For the past yr, I’ve been making flyers for a local band. Your tuts do come in handy. I’ve learned a lot from you. Keep up that funtastic tuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Mr. Baker,

    I love your tutorials, but I am 71 and can not keep up. I try to write them down but it takes starting, stoping, and replaying until I can get it all down so I can try it. Do you have a written tutoral of the steps.


  5. Your video isn’t playing all the way. About 2mins into your video is cuts off. I’ve tried this tut, when you first put it out, but I forget how to do it. Did you delete it?

  6. This is a great tutorial. What I was wondering is what would a person do to create the depth on a black background? Any suggestions would be great! Thanks.

  7. your tutorials are the greatest man, but i was wondering, where’d u find that fist? i cant find it on google images

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