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Modern Warfare

This tutorial was inspired by the blockbuster video game.

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  1. Nice Video πŸ™‚ Thanks for taking the time to make these vids. i use them alot for projects that i wook on inn school and for fun. keep up the great vids!

  2. Cory you are, as far as I am concerned, one of the best if not the best Photoshop instructor that I have seen on the web. Burt Monroy is, and I am sure you would take this as a complement, the only other I have seen, that compares to you. I think Dave Cross is very good, Matt is not bad, and that other guy, that is on that photoshop show is so,so. But you make this stuff, not only interesting but fun, Thanks for all that you do, Doug

  3. Corey – Always looking forward to each new tut! The ideas and methods are great learning tools for adding to skills and creativity.

    I also located the actual site for the game, and there are several variants in the different wallpapers. Now I can take this tut as a starting point and work on achieving different looks as found on the various wallpapers….More practice, more better….


  4. great tutorial. this is just an idea but i think it would be pretty awesome if you could somehow make a tutorial on creatin and animation of those green letters and numbers that fall down in the movie The Matrix. anyways great job like always.

  5. Email

    WEll very awesome videos. but i have not set up adobe photoshot cs4 at all.. i mean i couldnt even scale with normal tool….
    Could you please send me your adobe photoshop all settings… so i wont have problems

    il be waiting.

  6. I really do love your tutorial video and I always do follow in every step that you said. So for my final result is like this My pictures is different from yours (S.W.A.T) is much more difficult to find the pictures so decided to find another picture which is the same sniping posing that makes fit. So instead of S.W.A.T is National Guard Army (my pictures).

  7. When you said that take the marquee tool here and select it, and simply fill it with black. What do u mean. Do I just select a part and hit delete or backspace or choose the black colour. I am confused so plz help ASAP. Nice video though.

  8. Hello Corey,
    Your tutorial is fantastic, but I am stuck on one step.
    My sketch filter tool is unclickable/I cannot select it. I tried a number of solutions as of how this had come to be, but I can’t find a solution. Is there any way that you know of how I can fix it?

  9. Ya, near the beginning when you say to fill the layer thats abouve the word =, fill with 50% gray and then use filter-sketch. For some reason i’m not able to choose sketch. Why?
    Please respond.

  10. man you are the best i really like your tutorials they are great please keep posting more videos please and i would liek to know how to make bling letters please put a tutorial

  11. love this guide πŸ™‚ but to be admitted I changed I utterly (font and sniper-pic) used a pic I took myself and photoshop’d and putted it as bg, now using it in CS:S xD

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