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It’s Curtains For You

Creating Cool stage Curtains as a Background Effect.

35 comments on “It’s Curtains For You

  1. This is so awesome!

    I watch all your tutorials and I never saw any other tutorials as cool and good as yours!

    You are my “Bob Ross of Photoshop” 😀

  2. Hi Corey!
    I love all of your tutorials! As some of you may know, Britney Spears is going back on tour. Her show is called “The Circus Starring: Britney Spears”
    I thought that this technique would be perfect to create a promotional image for the tour. This is what I made:

    Thank you Corey for all the hard work that you do!


  3. WOW. Excellent tutorial. I am not necessarily following all tutes but it is very inspirational and gives ideas how to approach certain things. Cool stuff.

  4. I wasn’t excited about this tutorial at first, but when I saw the end result, I was really happy. Simple techniques that produced a very realistic and dimensional effect. The only alteration I made is adding a row of smaller “stage lights” across the bottom of the piece using the same lighting effects filter technique.

  5. You are a Photoshop creative genius! Fantastic and mesmerizing steps are always presented, Corey!

    When I try to replicate what you show, I have play and replay (and replay) the various steps to reach a similar end result. Have you ever thought about having a “recipe” printout ready for your visitors to have?

    Thank you for your great website too!

  6. FANTASTIC!!!!! Awesome tutorial Corey! As far as tutorials go, yours are the best!! I really enjoy what you have to show us all.

    Thanks, and have a super duper New Year! =)


  7. Corey…your tutorials never cease to amaze me. Love this effect and so easy.
    Yes…it does need animation!! GMTA ha ha
    Thanks for the great tut. Meg

  8. Holy-jaw-dropping-tutorial Batman!!! You are the shiznik. Who would of thought it would be like taking candy from a baby. Because I was so impressed I didn’t leave a link to my site, but instead to the digg that I made coming back to this awesome tut.

    Other commentators who are also Diggers please give Corey a little more PR by digging the link in my name. I don’t get credit, but I have gotten Corey number one on google for the Key Phrase “Make Movie Curtains in Photoshop”

    You are the man!!!!!!!!

  9. Super cool! I spent the previous day trying to find a good image and trying to create a curtain for a special layout. Finally today I found this tutorial and created the curtain for my backdrop. Thank you soooooooo much! this is the best tutorial website there is. Thanks again Corey!

  10. Corey your curtain was super cool please let me have the tutorial as I am a beginer and
    I need something to go by. Thanks Bluedilly

  11. The tutorial really rocks, but I would recommend one thing, to make the stars (brush) a little less fake. In the brush options-panel, under shape dynamics, activate the angle jitter, so the stars get a random rotation.

    Robin Kanters
    the Netherlands

  12. Great turorial but what about the bottom side of the curtain, where if I was to animate the curtain rising, you would expect to see the folds as 3D.

    Any suggestions

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