New Course at Kelby Training

Some of you may have heard the name David Cuerdon before and some of you have not. He is a regular at Photoshop World and all around nice guy. But above all of these he is a wizard in Photoshop. Especially with artistic retouching. I had the pleasure of meeting Dave at Photoshop World a couple years ago and once I had a chance to see his work and I was blown away. Dave is a photographer who basically shoots for the edit. Meaning he shoots knowing he is going to greatly enhance his images using Photoshop. You have probably seen his work and not realize it. He even has done a couple covers for Photoshop User (pictured here). So it only made to much sense for him to do an online course for Kelby Training. His course is called the Beauty and Retouching Kit and I must say it is awesome. No matter how good you are at something you can always learn more and I certainly have. Do check it out! Click here for more info on the course and click here to see David’s site.

One more thing. So all you saw the little teaser for the upcoming Planet contest. Be sure to check back here soon for the details of the contest. This is going to be fun!!!


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