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Hip My House! A New Contest from MPIX!

Hey folks, Corey Barker here with some exciting news if you are in the mood pimping out your home with killer prints. The folks over at MPIX are having a contest called Hip My House and gives you a chance to win $5,000 worth of prints to decorate your home with everything MPIX has to offer. There is no purchase necessary all you need to do is go here and register. MPIX is a premiere print service that is quick and easy. You can literally upload a a file and it will ship within two days. The turnaround is amazing and the quality is spectacular.

I personally had an awesome experience with them as I just recently moved into my new home and realized I had some pretty big 15′ vaulted ceilings which gave me a ridiculous amount of wall space. Well my movie posters and other images I have just weren’t going to cut it. So I needed something new. If only I knew someone who was really good at Photoshop! (Wink) Well my girlfriend and I were at a movie one night and noticed a really cool wall of images made up of about 25 prints on square stand outs laid out in a grid pattern. The images depicted scenes from movies and generic movie related images that made up the overall look. I knew that is what I wanted for my living room.

So I saw that MPIX does in fact produce these stand out prints and they looked perfect for this. So I dove into Photoshop and started building the idea. I wanted to have a similar theme so I made the grid with 10 inch squares, 7 across and 5 down for a total of 35 squares. I decided to build the image as a whole in one file so that the text elements that bordered the design would fit together like a puzzle. I then went on to build the elements on the inside including movie related imagery all around. The movie titles we picked were films we personally liked or favorites from the past.

Now with the image built I extracted each square and uploaded the 35 images to MPIX. I received the images in just a few days. Little did I anticipate the challenge it would be to hang a grid of 35 images. Since I did not have a laser level I went old school and used a weighted plumb line I Macgyvered out of a wrench and some twine. Then used another piece of twine and a level to set a horizontal guide. This gave me a perfect right angle to start the first square. The rest took about 3 hours to finally hang in place. The result is a spectacular movie themed wall that fills the space nicely. The point is that now more than ever you can get a spark of an idea and turn that into something awesome and personal with the help of a service like MPIX. Imagine what you can with $5000 worth of stuff. My only problem now is that it came out so good I need to get some art lights to shine on it!
(Images were shot with iPhone in low light so a bit grainy!)

8 comments on “Hip My House! A New Contest from MPIX!

  1. woooooooooooooooooooooooooow you are sooooooooooooo Talented, I’ve been watching your videos… I really loved and enjoyed them so much. Thank you for everything, you’ve helped so many people!!! LOVE THIS PICTURE AS WELL, Clever idea & neat work!!!!!!! Please do continue

  2. Hello,

    I am unable to access the video ‘photo to line drawing’ located at this web address “(insert the link here)”. Is it possible to send me the video directly or to post again so I can access it?

    Thank you,

  3. I don’t think I would have the patience to get 35 prints hung on a perfect grid. I have smaller ambitions (a grid of 9) and thought it might be do-able when I saw CollageWall at Bay Photo also makes them too. Unfortunately I’m still procrastinating…

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