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Fisheye Panoramas

To stitch a panorama captured with a fisheye lens, select the images in Bridge, choose Tools>Photoshop>Photomerge, use the Auto setting, and turn on the Geometric Distortion Correction checkbox. This will cause Photomerge to read the metadata from your images and recognize the distortion caused by most fisheye lenses.

3 comments on “Fisheye Panoramas

  1. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!! I kept on trying to figure out how the heck to do it on my own, and I found a couple of other sites that failed to explain how to do it with fisheye shots. Your tip has proved to be useful, and the result here is SUPERB!

  2. This doesn’t work for me using Photoshop CC a Sigma 8mm fisheye on a Cannon T4.

    Photoshop renders them in a huge canvas with each of the four images in one corner.

    One of the images has a distort and the rest are normal.

    Weird. I will keep looking for solutions.

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