Where’s My PatternMaker?

It is always inevitable. Every time there is a new upgrade to Photoshop, there may be a few features that people might actually use. Then there are those added features that have some element of coolness, but no real applications at all. Take the PatternMaker. It was a seemingly good idea when it first came out but never got any real praise at all. If anything, it was made fun of by most in the industry.

Not me. I try and look at these things very differently and see what use it might have. For instance, here is one way I used the Pattern Maker for an interesting background effect. However, like the Extract filter, this was removed from Photoshop CS4. Well…Ok? True they weren’t popular filters but I don’t think they were completely useless. Do you? Well if you’re using CS4 and really miss those features, worry not! Adobe has gone ahead and provided these filters, among others, as an optional download from their website to add to your plug-ins folder. (Mac|Win) And always remember, just because a tool is designed for one thing doesn’t mean it can’t be used for something else. It’s all about knowing what it can do! Have fun and discover something new today!!



  1. Márcio Guerra 30 April, 2009 at 06:56 Reply

    This is the comment reply I did in the tutorial, but I still feel the same!

    «Hi! I came back here from the first page, from your post, well… So the new version of Photoshop doesn’t have this feature… I must say that I feel that usually they should wait some versions, not just one, to see what people really think of the app, not just the feedback sent to them, but people «with power» like you (you can begin a lobby with Scott Kelby and other people you guys know) can send them the feedback needed so that they don’t end up with features like this… Although, I must say, from the pattern itself, I don’t see much of a point in keeping it… But, that is like most stuff… After seeing the tutorial by itself I seen a nice stuff YOU can do with almost everything from Photoshop… This is why I said… If you feel it is useful… Go for it! Do a poll here at Planet Photopshop and ask people what they think, to keep, to return, to dump, whatever!
    Mate, keep your tutorials like this, they are really nice and good!

    Márcio Guerra

    P.s.- I will just copy/paste this comment to the post itself!»

    Cheers, mate! Keep up the good work for all of us!

    Márcio Guerra

  2. Charles van Dijk 2 May, 2009 at 07:38 Reply

    I use the cut out filter as a selection tool. Make a duplicate extract the section of the picture I will use. Control + Click to Make my selection. Duplicate the background layer again and delete the extracted layer. By applying a mask I have far more tools at my disposal than I could use in the original cut out filter. Regards Charles

  3. BJT -Texas 2 May, 2009 at 12:02 Reply

    Corey, Without your notice, many of us might not have be aware that the extract & pattern maker were available. As for me, I want them both. Thanks all your help!

  4. Joe Sot 30 May, 2009 at 00:21 Reply

    We in the Fashion Industry, until recently, used the Pattern maker tool. We would edit patterns within Image Ready. We also used the Pattern Maker tool When creating fabric patterns (e.g. screen prints,dots,florals, geometrics patterns and plaids).

    With these options gone what do we do now? I can’t believe the creators of photoshop did not consider this when upgrading or re-writing the program. Now the fashion industry has to look at and buy other programs to deal with this issue. With the new changes in Photoshop, Adobe has successfully managed to alienate and lose an entire industry. So Please bring it back! There is still time!

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