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Cool Design FX

This week Corey does a cool design effect based on a Twitter request.

23 comments on “Cool Design FX

  1. Real good tutorial. Thank you for the tips and inspiration.

    Likw how your tutorials are easy to follow and filled with great tips.

    // DK

  2. Great tutorial Corey.. You guys have hit the deck running on CS5—I deep-sixed my—-they are still in the weeds on CS5.

  3. Awesome tut! I agree, dafont is awesome. Whats the font you used called? It certainly looks good for future projects

  4. please could you start posting the images you use in the videos too, ive found some of them on the internet, but they are hard to find the same ones, i’d like to be able to do it to the same picture as you to get me started on each tutorial

  5. Classic Corey Barker tutorial, thanks for this five minutes or so of awesomeness!

    It seems that much emphasis on 3D effects has been placed on your tutorials recently, so I (and I would expect many others) who don’t have the extended version of PS am glad to see your classic artistry once again.

    Thanks again! πŸ™‚

  6. Great vid, its a cool tut but do you think you could go back to CS4? i understand you like to show us new things, but how are we suppose to follow the tut if we don’t have CS5?

  7. Classic! Very nice. I missed your classic ones.

    But let me just ask… where did you get PhotoshopCS5? Has Adobe already released it? Coz imma want to get me one.. thanks.

    Best regards,

  8. Mark @0925 on May 20: Go to and look in the Fancy / Destroy section. Its about 4th down the list…..There are others there that are perfect for this tutorial also.

  9. Again… another great tut. Thanks Corey, you are the best!

    Is that scaling feature you used only in CS5? Can it be done in CS4 extended? If so, how?

    Ctrl T (pc)

  10. Great tutorial! Thanks for the ideas. Learn something (or quite a few things, to be more accurate) every time I watch. Keep up the good work.

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