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Christmas Lights

Get in the holiday spirit by taking this picture of a house and adding some festive lights that glow at night.

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  1. Hi Corey,
    I got a question, how come i can’t see the movies of the newest tutorials but i can from older tutorials? But keep up the good work, gives me alot of inspiration.


  2. Congratulations Corey Another Triumph. Those lights truly Pop

    Thanks for the tuts this year, they have been a real inspiration.

    Happy Christmas and New Year

  3. Real fun tutorial, really made my day. I definitely plan on doing this with my house. I am then going to e-mail the touched up photo to friends and family, and I know they will have to do a drive by, because they know how lazy I am, and they are going to want to see if it is in fact real or not. Thanks for the Christmas present. Your the best.

  4. hi
    my name is prashant
    i am indian
    my english is not good
    but i understand english
    i love photoshop and your work in photoshop is so good

  5. I’m just sitting here with my mouth open….WOW! Let see, get husbands laptop, find a 3D image of a cool house and try to follow along and do that on MY pc in photoshop. Cool, cool, cool!
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Excellent !!
    Picked up a few ideas and tricks. It’s cool to see a felow artist put things together in a different way. As they say, there is more than one way to photoshop a cat 🙂

  7. Being a senior citizen, Very happy i came upon your site (Via Dpreview forums) enjoy the tutorials makes life easier thru Photoshop for me.. Thanks

  8. Completely awesome…. the lesson is great!!!! was wondering how to do color lights…then BAM.. colored lights…. SWEEEET!!!! Now, I can show my clients and new customers what their house will look like when we decorate for Christmas or for parties.. thank you so much!!!!

    Cant wait to see and learn more!

  9. Cool I like this… Did notice that you left some Blue in, from the day time pic. to the left side of the house. though the Porch column… never the less this is a cool tutorial
    can’t wain to use this.. THANKS!

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